Mandarin Instructor (Taiwan)

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Part time

Job Description

Basic Requirements

  • Native proficiency in the teaching language with a native accent (Taiwanese and Mandarin)
  • Certified in General Taiwanese Proficiency Test C1 or above if preferred.
  • English language proficiency (operational language for daily interactions with the Berlitz team)
  • Able to travel and teach at various locations around Taiwan as needed
  • Willingness to abide by teaching standards set by the company
  • Have previous experience (1 year or above) in teaching preferred
  • An open attitude toward other cultures
  • Willingness and ability to teach all Berlitz customers (adults, kids, teens, individuals, groups)

Training & Development

  • Typically 4-5 days (depending on the number of instructor candidates
  • Number of candidates / trainees varies from 1 - 8.
  • IQP sessions run several times throughout the year (varies depending on Berlitz need for instructors and number of applicants). For details please speak with the Manager of Instruction at the 1st interview
  • Blended training - online self-study modules and live training with trainer (online and/or face to face)
  • Paid training
  • IQP is a "Qualification" program - candidates must successfully complete the entire program to be hired
  • Regular lesson observations and feedback sessions to improve lesson delivery and quality
  • Berlitz Taiwan instructors work on a "per-lesson" basis - Lessons are 40-45 minutes
  • The monthly number of lessons taught will vary (monthly salary with vary)
  • Annual increases in instructor rates are possible based on high performance
  • There is no minimum guarantee of lessons per month

Other Benefits

  • Access to world-class Berlitz training programs and workshops.
  • Flexibility: as instructors are on a "per-lesson" basis, there is no paid vacation leave, however, instructors can request longer leaves and multiple times throughout the year (based on pre-approval from management).
  • Career path - ability to move up in a multinational company with various positions available for experienced instructors.
  • Transferring to other Berlitz locations is possible following successful training and experience teaching.
  • Semi-flexible hours - although instructors have a set availability schedule, they are not scheduled to teach all day, so they have breaks to run errands or enjoy the city.

Visa / Work Permit / Teaching License

  • Instructor candidates must hold a valid Taiwan work visa / dependent visa or a Taiwan permanent residency

Recruitment Process

  • 1. Applicant applies through our website, filling in all information and uploading their resume/CV
  • 2. Applicants will receive a questionnaire via email and should complete it emailing it back to Berlitz.
  • 3. Applicants who match Berlitz requirements will be invited for a 1st interview with the Manager of Instruction (either online or face-to-face).
  • 4. If the applicant passes the 1st interview, they will be invited for a 2nd interview again with the Manager of Instruction and the Country Manager (either online to face-to-face).
  • 5. If the applicant passes the 2nd interview, they will be invited for the IQP (Instructor Qualification Program) training.
  • 6. If the candidate successfully completes the IQP (4-5 days), they can begin teaching right away.


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